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Ask me anything   Lindsay. 24. political organizer. feminist. ENTP. genderqueer. pronouns: they/them. living where the coffee is strong and so are the women (and really people of all genders).

"This is an invitation to stop swallowing the art in your mouth.
This is an invitation to stop ripping yourself apart.
This is an invitation to be a live nude. Let them draw you dirty, flawed and glistening.
This is an invitation to
your opening."
Lauren Zuniga, Opening (via un-gendered)
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"Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow."
m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2. (via findingwordsforthoughts)

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tonight is a really emotional gender feelings night and i’m realizing a lot of things and i really wish i had someone to hold me while i felt all this

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maybe my face doesn’t look like it but my insides are smiling

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'The right to be handsome': Clothing for gender non-conforming people on the rise | PBS NewsHour →

A couple of my friends sent me this link today, and at first I was just like “cool, this is going to be about fashion I like.” I didn’t expect for it to hit me SO HARD that all i want is to look handsome in a masculine/(men’s? it feels like i’m not allowed to even say that ) suit that fits me. I have never wanted more in my life than I do right now.I’m crying like a baby about it right now. I never hated feminine/women’s suits. But it never felt like I was allowed to explore other options, and now everything in me wants to. I’m pretty sure I would break down sobbing with joy if I looked like any of these people in this video. And I want to be with people who look like that too, or even more masculine. And on top of feeling handsome myself, I want to be with someone who is so, so attracted to me as exactly that. Why can’t I have all these things right now? 

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Had my first conversation with a “but omg ‘they’ is plural!!11” person today

i wasn’t really prepared with a strong way of telling her why that response is not okay, cause it was unexpected and kinda threw me off 

i ended up telling her that there are a million gender neutral pronouns and she can pick any of them to use for me, which i’m actually really okay with.

i did actually say something like “it’s more important that people are comfortable than whatever you think is proper grammar” but she still was like “i know i know but it just doesn’t sound right” :/

I also worry about her not taking me seriously, especially because i was dressing more femme than usual today/when we had this conversation. which is know is bullshit, i’m still exactly as genderqueer as i am when i look like a 12-year-old boy. ugh. 

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"I hope one day
Your human body
Is not a jail cell,
Instead it’s a sunny
2pm garden with daisies
Thriving because of
Self love."
Alexa Evangelista, you deserve better (via vodkakilledtheteens)

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JK Rowling said she would have made Seamus/Dean canon but she felt it would be distracting from the main trio

Literally how much space do you need to have a line about Dean asking Seamus to the Yule ball

Look, I’ll try

"Parvati had tried to ask Dean to the ball, but he told her he was going with Seamus instead."


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my parents definitely did not raise me to be a queer feminist filled with the wrath of a thousand enraged dragons and yet here i am

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i think i want to try wearing a binder, but i feel like i’m not allowed to (even though i want to see what i’d look like/feel like in it) because i don’t really have dysphoria. sometimes i like my breasts more (mostly i really like them during sex), sometimes i like them less, but i seriously…

Update on binder feelings: I think another big reason/thing I like about wearing a binder is the fact that I think people see it (by it sticking out a bit from a sleeveless shirt or by people just assuming that I’m wearing one by being a female-bodied person with a flat chest) and are more likely to assume that I’m genderqueer than they would if I wasn’t wearing one. And then after that they’re more likely to ask about it, what pronouns I prefer, etc. and UGH I really like inviting that conversation. I mean I know I don’t have to be a binder-wearing human to be a valid genderqueer human, and I could look femme as fuck and like what typically passes as female without 100% identifying as female. But I do want to be a more androgynous/masculine of center kind of genderqueer, and I feel like much like some trans men I’ve talked to, I feel more comfortable being feminine at times when it’s coming from a more genderqueer place.

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