What Would Hermione Granger Do?

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"There are two types of waiting. There’s the the waiting you do for something you know is coming, sooner or later—like waiting for the 6:28 train, or the school bus, or a party where a certain handsome boy might be. And then there’s the waiting for something you don’t know is coming. You don’t even know what it is exactly, but you’re hoping for it. You’re imagining it and living your life for it. That’s the kind of waiting that makes a fist in your heart."
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The next time a man starts yelling at you, cut him off and tell him you just can’t talk to him when he’s being so emotional.

I have done this and can confirm that is a LOT of fun to watch them implode afterward.

Bonus points: Tell them you think it’s cute when they get so angry. 

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"Try to love yourself as much as you want someone else to."
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Queer coloring and tattoo night

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Queer coloring and tattoo night

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"Are you the SAT because I’d do you for 3 hours and 45 minutes with a 10 minute break halfway through for snacks, and then I can stare at you for like 10 minutes and think ‘wow, I hope I don’t ruin this.’"
Dude on OKC with the best pick up lines I have ever heard (via hate)

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Did some drag king makeup, felt fucking awesome. I don’t want to be a hot dude all the time but DAMN is it fun sometimes. 

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Positive Reminders For Interactions with Others →


  1. It is ok to want or need something from someone else
  2. I have a choice to ask someone for what I want or need
  3. I can stand it if I don’t get what I want or need
  4. The fact that someone says no to my request doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have asked in the first place
  5. If I didn’t…

these are all so important

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sometimes things work out

Just when I was feeling really down and like all the masculine clothes I want were so out of reach, I go to my new roommate’s old roommate’s going away party and they both have a bunch of clothes they’re giving away—his clothes and her suits from before she transitioned. I got a really nice suit and dress shirt, a couple other regular shirts and this nice shirt for swimming that works nicely for going over a binder. So happy, pics to come later. I need to trust that I’ll find the things I need through good new friends.

I also saw my new roommate post on facebook a couple of weeks ago about giving away her suits and she tagged a bunch of trans men. I didn’t comment because I felt like they needed them more than me, but I need to keep reminding myself that I shouldn’t deny myself things that I want and need for my identity because it seems like someone else’s wants and needs for their identity are more valid.

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